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Circular Scarves

For those who don’t know me, I am a bit of a knit-aholic. This holiday season I made hats for everyone as presents. When I was young my mother taught me the basics of knitting. I had a 3rd grade teacher who taught everyone how to knit too, including the boys. It’s a skill that has improved over the years. Since high school, I will go through spirts of crazy knitting. I enjoy knitting because it’s the act of taking “nothing” (yarn… which isn’t much), and then turning it into “something”. The reward, something you can wear. The activity also allows me to accomplish something while I’m not doing anything constructive (for example, watching TV ).  Kind of like busy work, but so much better. I can knit relatively fast, but I still lack the skill of reading proper knitting patterns. Something I will work on for this year.

Here is something I finished mid December.

circle scarf

I got the idea from partially other scarves that have been out there: the circular scarf, and my co-worker. She recently took up knitting. She made a combination knit scarf w/fabric. I loved the idea! Her’s was different..she used really chunky yarn, and different fabric. I ended up taking a orange scarf that I was given as a present from a friend (I honestly never wore it. It seemed too “nice” to wear, even though i loved the color) and made a circular scarf. I knit 2 different colors together, and then on a sewing machine I closed everything up. Voila! I admit I wasn’t really measuring everything out, so I think it’s on the longer side. The sewing job was messy, but the look, I think works just fine.

circle scarf close up

I was so excited about how this make shift scarf turned out, that I’ve decided to do the same thing with other scarves I have laying around that I don’t wear. Here is the beginning of another one that I’ve just started:

2nd scarf

Can’t wait to finish this one! =)

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Eiko Ishioka

I think many people have seen the movie, The Cell, with Vincent Dinofrio and Jennifer Lopez. Those who keep up with the fine art world will recognize the different things taken from different artists that were incorporated into the movie. For example:

The splitting of the Horse into different segments -Idea Taken from Damien Hurst who did a segmented cow.

The chambers in the killers with dolls – taken from the brothers quay street of crocodiles

The movie was interesting… not necessarily an academy award winner,  but visually grotesque yet beautiful. One aspect the particularity held my interest was the fantastic costumes. I later researched the designer, Eiko Ishioka. I realized that she was nominated for her costume design in Dracula ( awesome movie). She is known for her theatrical costumes, and her costume design started in theater. Last year I saw The Fall, which I highly recommend. It was a fabulous movie, even though it was in limited release. The story was great and visually breath taking…. and again the costumes were something to note… Eiko Ishioka designed them as well.


The Cell –



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