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Every Day is a Holiday

Kitschy, but sweet. I couldn’t agree more. I like their play on “keep calm and carry on” slogan you see.

visit their etsy shop

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One Stuck Duck Music Video Premiere

One Stuck Duck had a music video premiere for “Test” this past Friday, the 17th. It was awesome! We had a great turnout, 200 people, and good times! Click on Image to see film!


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Mandy Greer

Amazing instillation art using mix materials and … (big surprise hahha) knitting/crocheting techniques. She creates the fantastical spaces and narratives. AWESOME!!!

(pix from bellevue arts museum)

She also has worked with dancer and choreographer Haruko Nishimura and filmmaker Ian Lucero to create THE SILVERING PATH PROJECT. Look at the detail!!!


the silvering path




youtube video her talking about the instillation and her work

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Where the Wild Things Are

Everyone seems super excited over this film coming out… as they should. Looks amazing.

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Camilla D’Errico – Helmet Girl Series

I am really digging these helmet girl series that Camilla D’Errico did. They are very anime stylized and colorful…sexually suggestive.. or is it sensual?

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Kwangho Lee

These knitted and knotted instillation pieces by Kwangho Lee are amazing!!

check out her website:

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Man, fashionistas can’t wait for Topshop to open… TomoRRow!! Finally, after tons of delays it’s opening on broadway in soho. better get in line. For those who don’t know about Topshop, it’s a chain that originated in London. it’s a fun place, think H & M but with a more hip and more to choose from (asscessories… ie SHOEs)? Kate moss has been designing a special line for them, that has been doing really well. when i was overseas i bought a pair of funky track pants. .. anyway… pictures via

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