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Audrey Kawasaki

She’s was doing mini ovals for Baby Tattooville gift bags.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

highly recommend. i don’t know what i expected. but i thoroughly enjoyed it. =)
go see it.

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Suzuki Takayuki – Japan Fashion Week SS 2010

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Hugh Kretschmer


his current work is really interesting.
more on his site. check it out!

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Little Boots

cute little blonde dance music on repeat in my head

(that’s not lady gaga!):

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A People’s History of the United States of America

trying to brush up on my US history…

as far as history books go, not bad. normally when i read history books, my eyes glaze over, and fall asleep. ┬áthis, i can stay awake for… and have retained… well at least some of the information.

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