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hahah couldn’t help myself…


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Sally Spinks

Playful fun knit mixed media art. (older and newer art)

(About taken from Saatchi Gallery)

Sally Spinks
(47 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)

Graduating in 2008 from Goldsmiths’ MFA programme, I work mainly with textiles and have recently been exploring issues around the resurgence of tattooing in contemporary culture. I’m interested in issues of class/class division and what class actually means in current society. Through exploring issues that are consider by some to be outside ‘normal’ culture or rebellious through my art I want to show how these acts are part of the same traditional background.

Work of art I would like to make?

Continuing with my current theme of working with tattoos, I’d propose to find a public space or building and cover it in tattoo type images, inside or out depending on the building. The building or space would need to be quite industrial and sterile as its my contention that rather than being a rebellious act, tattooing is in fact a cry for stability, home, comfort and a return to a working class tradition. In covering the whole building in textile manufactured images, I’d hope to connect the domestic, cosy with the codified messages in the tattoo imagery to make the sterile architecture homely.

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It’s on…

the costume institute gala benefit.

kind of the best photo… the battle for red carpet attention

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Why Hello there

my dad brought this back from japan as a present.  love her… them!

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The Wheels on the Bus…

This picture makes me happy…little kid graffiti on the subway

… at least in that’s what i want it to be

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working on my prints/patterns… getting there

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Seeing Hearts

getting there… first fair isle print! geekin’ out!

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