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Pie Please…

Went to Veselka for lunch today. Had their delicious borsch!
Thought we were done, but everyone decided they need dessert. Each got our “own” but shared..



(top clockwise: carrot cake, banana cream pie, apple crumble w/ice cream, and peanut butter pie)

Totally destroyed! So Yum… and way rich. =)

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Gifted – A Holiday Market

Brooklyn Flea Market’s Gifted shop at w 4th and Lafayette. Local artists and makers of cool stuff.
Definitely saw stuff I want to get for friends, family and myself.
Check it out!!!!

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Car Cake – guess who’s not the next ace of cakes

Hilarious! ┬áso my brother’s birthday is today. 3 or 4 years ago i made him a car cake of his old white hatchback Volkswagen. i made it in the shape of a car, and decorated it with icing.. pretty easy. this year, i got it in my head to make him a car cake of his new car…. and try out fondant. oh man. i don’t know if i’m going to be doing this again…

car cake

car cake

i dyed the fondant properly, rolled it out, lay and fit it on the cake. i messed up some of the corners. then i started working on the other parts. i didn’t like how it looked with the other fondant pieces, scratched that..took them off. decided to paint on the details. next time i just need to plan more and not be lazy… and all i can think about is cake wrecks. hahaha

Luckily, this is not my day job… and my brother really liked the cake. but then again. he is my brother. i would love anything he made for me. =)

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Fly Heart Chocolate Donuts Forever

For valentines day. Brought to you by the Hundreds.

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