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Baking on a Tuesday Night…

strawberry jam cookies

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Birthdays aren’t complete…

with a shoe box full of cupcakes!

Made these from scratch. Chocolate cake, strawberry jelly filled, with butter cream icing.

fat skinny person at heart for sure. will be baking more.. many may and june babies!

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Car Cake – guess who’s not the next ace of cakes

Hilarious! ┬áso my brother’s birthday is today. 3 or 4 years ago i made him a car cake of his old white hatchback Volkswagen. i made it in the shape of a car, and decorated it with icing.. pretty easy. this year, i got it in my head to make him a car cake of his new car…. and try out fondant. oh man. i don’t know if i’m going to be doing this again…

car cake

car cake

i dyed the fondant properly, rolled it out, lay and fit it on the cake. i messed up some of the corners. then i started working on the other parts. i didn’t like how it looked with the other fondant pieces, scratched that..took them off. decided to paint on the details. next time i just need to plan more and not be lazy… and all i can think about is cake wrecks. hahaha

Luckily, this is not my day job… and my brother really liked the cake. but then again. he is my brother. i would love anything he made for me. =)

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Every Day is a Holiday

Kitschy, but sweet. I couldn’t agree more. I like their play on “keep calm and carry on” slogan you see.

visit their etsy shop

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