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Mad Men Barbies

yes, it’s semi old news. but had to post…. love the show!!
betty draper a barbie doll…

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creepy barbie

you would think that i like barbies or have an obsession with them from my posts. i don’t. i just find some of these things fascinating… and all i can think of is ice truck killer….


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Barbie in Art…as art?

ahhh so tired. but can’t sleep…

Barbie has taken on familiar art forms…

Oddly makes me wanna watch the Karen Carpenter story¬†reenacted¬†with barbies…

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Barbie Doll Lash


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Barbie World in Shanghai

Ok…I only had a few Barbies growing up. But I find the whole doll thing fascinating. Especially Barbie. Apparently, “Every second, three people in the world buy a Barbie doll. Barbie has been a NASCAR driver, an astronaut and an inspiration to Andy Warhol, among many other things. The House of Barbie, which opened Friday, is a six-story, hot-pink shrine to the 11 1/2 inch doll, built around a wall of a thousand Barbies, each adorned in her own specially designed fuchsia dress.” (npr)


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