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It’s on…

the costume institute gala benefit.

kind of the best photo… the battle for red carpet attention

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The Road – Cormac McCarthy

Easy read. i guess i see what the hype is about. can’t wait to see the movie.
love Viggo Mortensen.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

highly recommend. i don’t know what i expected. but i thoroughly enjoyed it. =)
go see it.

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UP! Movie

I was pleasantly surprised…. i didn’t think the movie would be the way it was… in a good way. Good story, cute characters… Defintately worth seeing.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Everyone seems super excited over this film coming out… as they should. Looks amazing.

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Coco avant Chanel

New Trailer with Audrey Tautou as Coco! US date release not decided. Time to practice your French!

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