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The Wheels on the Bus…

This picture makes me happy…little kid graffiti on the subway

… at least in that’s what i want it to be

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Crowned Inspiration

From Lula mag… i’m going to make one. LOVE!!!

best mag ever too.. .check it out!!

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Barbie in Art…as art?

ahhh so tired. but can’t sleep…

Barbie has taken on familiar art forms…

Oddly makes me wanna watch the Karen Carpenter story¬†reenacted¬†with barbies…

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The Catorialist

hahah amazing!

so much better than the sartorialist!


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Hugh Kretschmer


his current work is really interesting.
more on his site. check it out!

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fallen princesses

um… amazing… sad and smart. found this from geekologie blog.

see the rest here


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